The Little Man of Disneyland: Disney Parks History

Disney Parks History

Little Man of Disneyland House Adventureland

Disneyland is the oldest Disney Park, and because of that it has so much history that expresses itself in tiny hidden details throughout the park.

One of these tributes is to a little-known character created for the initial promotion of Disneyland back in 1955.

When Disneyland was opening, nearly every part of Disney was being utilized to promote the park and ensure its success. This involved everything from television specials, to even custom-made books being made based on the park.

One of these books told an original story about the creation of the Disneyland. The book, The Little Man of Disneyland, was about a leprechaun named Patrick Begorra. He lived in an orange tree in Anaheim, and suddenly found Disneyland being built around him.

Patrick was ok with the development, as long as he was allowed to set up a home in the new theme park.

This was not only a book, but it actually inspired a miniature house inside the park. A small house could be found in one of the trees in Adventureland inspired by this tale, suggesting that Patrick still lived in Disneyland.

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But as Adventureland changed over the years, this effect would be removed and largely forgotten to make way for new additions. It seemed this little-known part of Disneyland history would be forgotten for good except by a select few.

But, in 2015, this effect would be brought back to Disneyland. This was a part of a larger effort to pay tribute to the park's history for its 60th anniversary, and a new version of the classic detail would be added to a tree near Indiana Jones Adventure.

This is a small detail the vast majority of visitors to Disneyland will never notice, but it pays tribute to the earliest efforts to make the park a success. Patrick still has a home in Disneyland to this day, despite moving away for a while, and hopefully will remain there for years more.