The White Rabbit Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

White Rabbit Character In Front Of Mad Tea Party Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

The White Rabbit is one of the most famous characters from Disney's adaptation of Alice In Wonderland, famous for his pocket watch, and characteristic lateness. Over the years he has made numerous appearances in various Disney Parks around the world.

In the Magic Kingdom he is known to make appearances near the attraction based on his film, The Mad Tea Party. Sometimes he joins other characters from the movie like Alice or the Mad Hatter, and he also can meet alone as well.

The attraction makes a great backdrop with any meeting with him, and is perfect for photos.

Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit Characters In Fantasyland Disneyland

At Disneyland, he has been known for years to wander Fantasyland, often accompanied by other characters from Alice In Wonderland, usually either the Queen of Hearts or the White Rabbit.

He can wander anywhere from the Alice In Wonderland section of Fantasyland to the center of the land, even sometimes appearing in the hub of Disneyland.

White Rabbit Statue Alice In Wonderland Bathrooms Fantasyland Disneyland

The White Rabbit is a lot of fun to meet in the Disney Parks. While he might not be the most common character to find in the parks, he is a special find if you get a chance to meet him, and he has a lot of personality to enjoy especially if you find him wandering the park.