Zoomerang Lake Compounce Guide

Lake Compounce Guide

Opening Date: June 27th, 1997

Zoomerang is one of five roller coasters at Lake Compounce and features the most inversions of any at the park.

This ride is a part of a chain of identical Vekoma Boomerangs found at parks all around the world, and was the only roller coaster at Lake Compounce to feature an inversion in the park until the addition of Phobia Phear Coaster.

The layout features three inversions, a cobra roll, and a vertical loop which the ride vehicle goes through twice, both forwards and backward.


Designer/ Manufacturer: Vekoma

Ride Type: Boomerang

Inversions: 3

Important Rider Information

Height Requirement: 48 in


Thrill Rating 7/10

This ride is an intense roller coaster that has become increasingly rough over the years. It is far from the most intense ride in the world, but is very intense compared to the park's other rides.


Zoomerang Vekoma Boomerang Roller Coaster Lake Compounce Bristol Connecticut