Lyceum Theatre Broadway Tribute


Lyceum Theatre Historic District New York City Plaque

The Lyceum Theatre is one of the oldest theaters that is still operating on Broadway to this day, most recently holding productions of Sing Street and A Christmas Carol.

Lyceum Broadway Theatre Stairs

Despite being smaller in terms of seating than most Broadway theatres past and present, this theater holds three levels of seating.

Lyceum Theatre Lobby Broadway

The Lyceum features an elaborately decorated white lobby filled with paintings with starways to higher levels.

Be More Chill Broadway Marquee Lyceum Theatre

This theater has had relatively few long-running productions, instead holding a series of shorter-lived and cult favorite productions.

Sing Street Marquee at the Lyceum Theatre Broadway

When Broadway reopens, this will hopefully hold one of the first new productions, the Broadway run of Sing Street, welcoming people once more to see a show inside its walls, just as they have for over the last 100 years.