Review: Star Wars The Bad Batch Cut and Run

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Hunter Examines Booby Traps The Bad Batch Star Wars Disney Plus

The second episode of The Bad Batch lowers the action to give us a look at how the shift from the Republic to the Empire is impacting everyday people, alongside some returning characters from Star Wars The Clone Wars.

Be aware that a spoiler warning is in effect for the remainder of the review so do not continue reading unless you are prepared to have key moments revealed.

Spoiler Warning

Cut Lawquane at Home The Bad Batch Star Wars Disney Plus

Picking up where the last episode left off, the group heads to meet their contact on a new planet, with Omega in tow.

The contact is Cut Lawquane, a deserter Clone Trooper, and his family, who had just said goodbye to Captain Rex, also looking to disappear following the events of The Clone Wars series finale.

The Bad Batch is looking for tips on how to disappear from him, but he also needs their help. With the Empire solidifying its control of the planet, he needs to get off-world and to a more isolated location to avoid being discovered.

Hunter and Cut Lawquane in Town Buying Transport The Bad Batch Star Wars Disney Plus

The only problem is that every ship and person is being registered by Clone Troopers, and Cut won't be able to get a registration chain code without being discovered.

The group discusses a plan while Omega plays with Cut's children, before she needs to be defended from a wild creature.

Eventually, Tech determines he would be able to make fake chain codes for the family to board a civilian shuttle. Hunter also decides to make an extra code for Omega to go along with them so she can have a childhood.

Tech Fighting Clone Troopers Star Wars The Bad Batch Disney Plus

Most of the team sneaks into the enemy base for the codes by allowing their ship to be captured, unintentionally bringing Omega.

Omega Delivering Chain Codes Star Wars The Bad Batch Disney Plus

She then goes to bring the codes to Hunter and Cut, before being left with them at a moment's notice.

Cut Lawquane Boarding Empire Transport Shuttle The Bad Batch Disney Plus Star Wars

Hunter goes back to the ship, and just before the team leaves amid a growing fight, Omega arrives and needs to be brought to the ship. Hunter once again steps in to save her, and they leave together just after Cut and his family are seen safely boarding the shuttle.

Hunter and Omega Talk Onboard Ship The Bad Batch Cut and Run Star Wars Disney Plus

While we do not know what will happen next, this series continues to give more information about this period in Empire history than almost any other, and that has only expanded with the second episode.