10 Fun Facts About Dumbo The Flying Elephant Disneyland

10 Disney Parks Fun Facts

Dumbo The Flying Elephant Entrance Sign Disneyland

Dumbo The Flying Elephant is an attraction from the early days at Disneyland and one of few attractions to be located in every Disney Park around the world. Based on the classic Disney animated film Dumbo, this is a simple and fun ride that is fun for all ages.

In celebration of this iconic ride, we are sharing 10 fun facts about this Disneyland classic.

1. Number of Elephants

Dumbo The Flying Elephant Off Ride Fantasyland Disneyland

The ride features 16 different elephant ride vehicles all shaped like the classic elephant.

2. Spin

Dumbo The Flying Elephant Queue Line Disneyland

This ride spins in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Truman

When President Truman visited Disneyland, he would not ride this attraction due to it being the symbol of the Republican Party.

4. Move

This ride is not located in its original location. When it first opened it was located near the current location of Red Rose Tavern and the entrance of Big Thunder Trail.

5. Timothy

This ride is narrated by one of the characters from the film, Timothy Q Mouse.

6. Control

You can control this ride's height with a joystick on the attraction for most of the ride, before every vehicle is brought to the top of the attraction at the end of the ride.

7. Every Park

Dumbo The Flying Elephant Ride Storybook Circus Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

At least one version of this ride is found in every Disney resort in the world.

8. Not Opening Day

While it was supposed to open along with Disneyland, this ride actually did not open until August 16th, almost a month after Disneyland first opened.

9. Pink Elephants

The original intention for this ride to be based on the famous Pink Elephants On Parade scene from the movie.

10. Colors

The various elephant ride vehicles feature various different color clothing on them.