Goodspeed Opera House Photo Tribute

Goodspeed Opera House During Will Roger's Follies Production

The Goodspeed Opera House is one of the most iconic regional theaters, producing multiple elaborate productions each year on its main stage of both classic works of musical theater as well as helping to develop new work that occasionally makes it all the way to Broadway, most famously with the original production of Annie, but also with other plays and musicals.

In honor of this classic theater, we are sharing a photo tribute of this iconic location in musical theater and Broadway history.

Goodspeed Opera House Staircase

In order to get to the theater you must climb several sets of stairs as the stage itself is famously (or infamously) located several floors up from the entrance of the building.

Goodspeed Opera House Tony Awards Display

This theater has won several Tony Awards over the years that have brought much recognition to this small theater.

Goodspeed Opera House From Below Theater Historic Building Connecticut

This theater stands in a historic building nestled on the edge of the Connecticut River.