Space Mountain in Disneyland With The Lights On

Hyperspace Mountain Lights On Disneyland

Space Mountain is one of the most iconic Disney rides of all time. Taking you on a roller coaster ride in the dark, it is one of the most popular rides in any park it is in.

But any longtime Disney fan has at one point asked the question, what does Space Mountain look like with the lights on.

Hyperspace Mountain Disneyland Sign Tomorrowland

A lucky few get to find this out if they breakdown on the ride, and today we are looking at a breakdown during the Hyperspace Mountain overlay.

Hyperspace Mountain Lights On Projection Screen Disneyland Roller Coaster

In this view you can see one of the projection screens used in this overlay with a frozen projection of an exploding Star Destroyer.

Space Mountain Lights On Broken Down Roller Coaster Disneyland

With the lights on you can see the track for this famous roller coaster, and look beside, above, and below you at all the other, also trapped riders who had their space voyage interrupted by this breakdown.

Roller Coaster Space Mountain Broken Down Disneyland

Breaking down on this ride is like a behind the scenes tour of a classic Disney ride, getting to view all of its secrets as you see how the ride works from the inside.

If you are lucky, you may even get to ride through the rest of the ride with the lights on, after receiving a push (not a joke, they literally push you) from a cast member. It is a very different experience riding this with the lights on.

If that happens, usually Disneyland will allow you to reride this classic attraction as it was intended. Lights off.

Hyperspace Mountain Tomorrowland Disneyland

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