Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom Guide

Splash Mountain Frontierland Magic Kingdom

Opening Date: October 2nd, 1992

Closing Date: To Be Determined

Splash Mountain is one of the most elaborate Disney boat rides ever built, and one of the three mountains of the Magic Kingdom.


Full POV


Thrill Rating 8/10

The drop on this ride is steep and the fastest moment on any ride at the Magic Kingdom.


Splash Mountain No Water Magic Kingdom Disney World

View From Top of Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom Disney World

Splash Mountain Bottom of Drop Magic Kingdom Frontierland

Splash Mountain Fishing Geese Animatronic Disney World

Brer Rabbit Gone For Good Splash Mountain Disney World

Brer Rabbit Character Walt Disney World

Splash Mountain Disney World

Splash Mountain Queue Line Entrance Frontierland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Frog Playing Instruments in the Laughing Place Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Fishing Geese Splash Mountain Ride Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Brer Fox Holding Brer Rabbit In a Beehive Splash Mountain Magic Mountain Walt Disney World

COVID19 Info

Enhanced cleaning of the ride vehicles is taking place, and certain rows are not being used to ensure social distancing.

Special Info

This ride is set to be replaced by a Princess and the Frog attraction in the near future.