Speculation: Potential Storylines for The Mandalorian Season 3

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The Mandalroina Baby Yoda and Cara Dune Season 2 Finale Disney Plus

The Mandalorian just finished its second season, which managed to top the epic scale of the first with the additions of several iconic Star Wars characters to the series alongside the returning pair of Mando and Baby Yoda. But after the shocking developments of the season finale, the next season is going to be a very different place.

From this point on, a spoiler warning is in effect for the final episode of the second season of The Mandalorian.

Spoiler Warning

Baby Yoda Touching Din Djarin Face The Mandalorian Disney Plus

So the second season finale of The Mandalorian featured three major revelations that have huge implications for any future seasons of the series.

First, Luke Skywalker is now a part of the show in some capacity, to what extent we still do not know.

Related to that, Baby Yoda/ Grogu, is now no longer under Mando's care, at least in the short term, for the first time since the first episode.

Lastly, Boba Fett is likely no longer a part of the series, now getting his own spin-off series with Fennec joining him. We might see him for an episode here or there but not as the recurring character he was in the series this season.

Given these developments, here are some potential directions the series could go in next season given what we know now.

Reclaiming Mandalore

The Mandalorian Din Djarin With The Darksaber Star Wars Disney Plus

At the end of season 2, Din Djarin is the rightful owner of the Darksaber and as such, the leader of the Mandalorian creed as a whole.

While fellow Mandalorian Bo-Katan is none too happy about this, having wanted to claim the Darksaber for herself in order to use it to unite her people to reclaim her homeworld Mandalore, which had fallen to the Empire at the end of the Clone Wars.

It is foreseeable that Bo-Katan could push Din to help her achieve that goal given how the season ended. They now have an Empire starship under their control that could be used to help unite the clans throughout the next season. 

Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan on Mandalore Star Wars The Clone Wars

Disney Plus has already explored the history of Mandalore in an original series with the final season of The Clone Wars, and this would provide a full-circle moment showing both the rise and fall of the Empire on Mandalore, also potentially adding in The Bad Batch as well.

In this storyline, we would likely follow Mando as he unites the clans utilizing the power of the Darksaber. The season would follow not only the battle for Mandalore, but the struggle to find and unite remaining Mandalorians scattered across the galaxy, which would lend itself well to the episodic nature of the series.

The Rise of Snoke/ The First Order

Moff Gideon With Dark Saber and Grogu Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Season Two Finale Disney Plus

At the end of season 2, Moff Gideon is very reluctantly in captivity under Mando, Cara Dune, and crew. While he could certainly disappear alongside Cara Dune into New Republic control, if he remains a part of the series for even a short period of time, it could point towards another potential storyline.

Supreme Leader Snoke On First Order Throne Star Wars The Last Jedi

During season 2 we saw the remnants of the Empire experiment with Baby Yoda's blood, and according to Moff Gideon, if he was telling the truth, they got everything they needed from him. If the research was completed maybe we will see this result in the beginnings of Supreme Leader Snoke from the first two films of the sequel trilogy.

A storyline going down this path would need information and continued involvement from Moff Gideon, and would explain references to Grand Admiral Thrawn by Ahsoka Tano.

This is made slightly less likely by the upcoming Ahsoka series, which might make more sense to follow this storyline as Ahsoka likely has a bigger stake in this than Mando does.