Brave Disney Magic Kingdoms Update Revealed

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Brave Update Title Screen

Disney Magic Kingdoms has just revealed all the new content coming out in the next update of the game, bringing new characters and attractions inspired by the Disney Pixar princess film Brave. All of this content will be released in a limited time content update beginning Thursday, December 17th. The update itself will come out on the 15th.

Below we will take you through everything coming in this update before going over some changes to the game coming in the update as well.


Princess Merida

King Fergus (Premium 300 Gems)

Queen Elinor

Lord Macintosh

Lord MacGuffin

Lord Dingwall (200 Gems)


Castle DunBroch

The Witch's Cottage

Ruins of the Ancient Kingdom

Ring of Stones

Concession Stands

Iced Pastry Stand

Bear Mug Milkshake Stand


Brave Parade Float (The Triplets)

Hercules (Moving To Parade Tent)


Archery Set

Brave Trophy

Other Additions

Comfy Merida Costume

Holiday Decorations Around the Kingdom

Event Info

Frozen characters will be helping out with the event so if you have any of them be sure to.

There are going to be a few gold trophy events within the larger Brave themed event.

There will also be some dark raven, storm cloud, and clean sweep mini-events within the game.

A new major feature for the event is during the Brave Event, characters that have token conflicts with Brave will only drop tokens for Brave characters.


There are going to be two new plots of land coming out in this update. The two Aladdin themed plots behind the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction will be coming out in this new update. They cost 7 million magic and 6 million magic and take multiple days to unlock.

They also said there is more land on the way.


Some characters in Frozen will need to be at higher levels in order to complete event quests.

Holiday Updates

The holiday Mickey and Minnie costumes will be available only for a limited time during this event for gems.

The Red Ribbon Chest will once again be given on Christmas day. This will give you any premium character or attraction in the main storyline that you do not have, or if you have all of them, then a sizable amount of gems.

Hint Next Update

Disney Magic Kingdoms has stated that the next update is going to be a cheesy update to the main storyline. This seems to obviously point towards a Ratatouille update which we previously predicted would be coming in 2021. Given the film's sudden resurgence in pop culture, as well as an upcoming ride in Walt Disney World, this should not be a surprising addition.