Flapper Minnie Mouse Disney Character Tribute

Flapper Minnie Mouse Signing Autographs Disney California Adventure

As we enter the new year, we are paying tribute to a special outfit worn by Minnie Mouse in Disney California Adventure.

Minnie Mouse when she appears on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure appears in a Flapper inspired outfit. This fits in perfectly with the 1920s theme of the land, and makes her feel a part of the glamor of the classic Hollywood feel of the land.

Five and Dime Disney California Adventure Disneyland

This outfit evokes the big band and jazz feeling of the land, and plays into the unspoken history of the land that is hidden in little details throughout the shops of Buena Vista Street. This land is supposed to be the idealized world of Hollywood that Walt Disney himself first discovered when he moved to California, and it is fitting his characters take on the fashion styles that he encountered.

Flapper Minnie Mouse Buena Vista Street Disney California Adventure

All of the characters of this land are full of color in their 1920s inspired outfits and transport you to the world of the Hollywood that never was through the world of Disney.


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