Brave Disney Magic Kingdoms Update Announced

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Brave Stained Glass Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

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Disney Magic Kingdoms just revealed that as we predicted, the next update is going to bring Brave characters to the game.

They revealed what the Brave character stained glass will look like and that there will be a live stream later this week.

We can expect the live stream to happen this Friday at around 12-1PM EST based on past updates. Then the update will probably come out next Tuesday to be ready for an event that will happen starting next Thursday.

Brave Neon Stained Glass Disney Magic Kingdoms

We do not know what characters will be added beyond Princess Merida, but can begin to speculate on who will be added. This update will also almost certainly add her comfy costume from Ralph Breaks the Internet as they have with previous princesses.

Are you excited to play a Brave themed update? What characters are you hoping to be added to the game in this update? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!