Will Luke Skywalker Appear in the Ahsoka Disney Plus Series

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The Mandalorian just did something huge in the Star Wars universe, reintroducing the world to a young Luke Skywalker in a live-action format utilizing de-aging CGI more impressive than that seen before in previous outings like Rogue One. This is now leading to speculation on if this was a one-off appearance, or if this will become a larger part of the Disney Plus branch of the Star Wars universe in the near future.

To me at least, it seems the most natural place for Luke to show up once again is in the upcoming Ahsoka Tano themed spin-off of The Mandalorian.

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Ahsoka is shown in The Mandalorian to still be deeply struggling with her former master's turn to the dark side. She even refuses to train Grogu/ Baby Yoda as a result. It seems only natural that a show focusing entirely on the character would continue this plot thread.

From a story standpoint, introducing Ahsoka to Anakin Skywalker's son, who has proven himself at this point to be a powerful Jedi who is able to hold connections to others without turning to the dark side.

Ahsoka has always been someone who pushed against Jedi norms, so confronting her with the child of her former master while still dealing with the fact he became Darth Vader could be an interesting direction to take the series, even if only for a short appearance similar to the Mandalorian season 2 finale.

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Much of her story arc has been her relationship with Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader and this would be the natural conclusion of that story.

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Ahsoka also is one of the few remaining force wielders that is known to still be alive and active in the time following the fall of the Empire. With the possible exception of Ezra Bridger, no one else significant to the larger storyline of Star Wars is known to still be around at this point beyond a young Ben Solo (the future Kylo Ren). She is also already aware of Grogu, and could easily explore his new master in the series.

As Luke is shown in The Mandalorian to be able to reach out to others through the force, it seems strange that he would be unaware of the only other significant force wielding Jedi in the universe. We also know from his actions in The Last Jedi that he is capable of universe-spanning powers from the force, which could also be applicable here.

It is also worth mentioning that both Ahsoka and a related series, Rangers of the New Republic, are said to be leading to a shared story event. The appearance of Luke could allow this event to potentially be the beginning of the First Order and even the fall of Luke's Jedi Temple as Ben Solo turns to the dark side.

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The rise of the First Order seems like a natural fit for the evolution of what The Mandalorian has been gradually hinting towards this season with the experimentation on Baby Yoda, potentially flirting with the idea of Snoke's creation.

It is still far too early to tell for sure, but the appearance of Luke Skywalker in the Ahsoka spin-off would make sense from both a narrative perspective and in the larger direction the Star Wars universe appears to be heading in.

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