Top 5 Christmas Songs From Broadway Musicals


Wicked Oversized Christmas Snow Globe Times Square New York City

Broadway musicals have given the world hundreds of classic songs and shows continues to dominate pop culture with recent hits from Hamilton to Dear Evan Hansen.

Today we are sharing five Christmas songs for the holiday season that are originally from Broadway musicals.

We Need a Little Christmas

We Need A Little Christmas is a classic holiday song from Mame about starting the Christmas season early amid chaos in life (which could not be more relevant right now).

Twelve Days To Christmas

Ever worked in retail during the holiday season? Then you will surely appreciate this tribute to the insanity of the holiday season as the shop where the musical takes place gradually gets busier until the craziness of Christmas Eve is upon it.

A New Deal For Christmas

This finale song from Annie features a holiday celebration including president FDR that provides a hopeful outlook on not only Annie's future, but the end of the Great Depression setting of the musical as a whole.

Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher

A strange Christmas song to be sure, but a fun one, especially in the context of the show. This song features the protesters we have seen throughout the musical attacking then British Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher through an upbeat Christmas carol. Quite an interesting start to act two.

Christmas Bells

All of Rent's first act takes place in the late hours of Christmas Eve and the early hours of Christmas, and this song follows what the homeless and struggling population of New York is doing on the holiday, going against traditional cliches of the celebration.