Predictions: What Will Come To Disney Magic Kingdoms in 2021

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Maleficent in Front of It's A Small World Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms has had a great year, adding many new classic and modern Disney and Pixar films to the game, as well as the hit Star Wars Disney Plus series The Mandalorian. So we are looking forward to 2021 to make some predictions as to what will come next to the mobile game.

So first, let's look back so we can guess how much is going to be added. Typically Disney adds ten to eleven major updates in a year, so we are going to be guessing no more than that, on top of a few more minor updates that have become increasingly more difficult to guess over the last year. 2020 was a little light on new content, likely due to the COVID19 pandemic, so hopefully, 2021 will see the game go back to normal levels.

Also, Disney Magic Kingdoms loves to add new content based on new films, so we will be taking that into account as well.

We are going to guess what is going to be added from January to December of 2020, as well as a few films that could be added at any time throughout the year.


January seems to be the perfect time to add an event based on the upcoming Pixar film Soul. The film, after multiple delays due to the pandemic, is currently set to come out on Christmas day on Disney Plus, making it almost perfect timing for a Soul update to be the first new event of the year.

Also, it is reasonable to expect some new or returning Lunar New Year content, likely some new costumes or a new Mulan character.


This month will almost certainly see the release of a Raya and the Last Dragon update. Last March similarly saw an Onward update, and with this upcoming Disney film being released at roughly the same time, it seems extremely likely that an update will be tied in with the release of this film.


Disney California Adventure Spiderman Ride Concept Art

May seems to be a perfect time for Disney Magic Kingdoms to add an entirely new set of characters in a Marvel-themed update. The game has yet to venture into the world of Marvel, outside of Big Hero Six, and the release of Black Widow, the first major Marvel release in over a year, would be a perfect time to add them to the game. Hopefully, Disneyland would also have reopened by this point, potentially allowing Disney Magic Kingdoms to open up a new section of the park based on Avengers Campus, which should open shortly after the resort itself.


Yet another upcoming animated release would also make for a perfect event. The upcoming Pixar film Luca is set to be released in this month, and it would be a perfect fit for an event, assuming the release date isn't moved again (which who knows).


We got a Hercules event last year when the Tokyo Olympics were originally slated to happen. This would have been a natural fit, with an Olympic theme going along well with the ancient Roman theme of Hercules. I would guess a minor event or tower challenge coinciding with the rescheduled Olympics adding a new Hercules character is in the works.

Other Potential Additions

At this point, we have only discussed four main events, and assumably there are at least six more, so we are going to make a few more predictions of films that could be added to the game in 2021, even if we can't guess the timing yet.


Disney Magic Kingdoms loves tying in updates with current trends and new releases, and with all the attention Ratatouille has been getting recently, it seems like the perfect fit for an update. Add in the fact that Epcot is getting a Ratatouille themed ride in 2021, and they could easily tie in an update to this attraction's opening.

Star Wars Original Trilogy

There have been two Star Wars updates so far, and there is still one plot of land in the Star Wars section that has yet to be unlocked. It seems almost too obvious that there is an original trilogy update on the way. If this happens, my bet would be that it would come out either in May, for Star Wars Day, or be tied to the next season of The Mandalorian once again.


Pinocchio and Geppetto Signing Autographs in Disneyland

This is one of the few films from the Walt Disney era of the company that has yet to be added to the game. This would likely be a permanent content update, as Disney Magic Kingdoms normally adds older films as permanent content as opposed to limited time events. This could come out at any time, but my guess would be in the second half of the year when Disney doesn't have a major animated film set to come out.

Jungle Cruise

The film Jungle Cruise was set to come out this past summer, and I think they may have intended on releasing an update on it prior to the COVID19 Pandemic. We ended up with two back to back tower challenges last summer at about the time this film was supposed to come out. This could easily have been due to a Jungle Cruise event being delayed just as the film was.

If they were to add Jungle Cruise content, it would also be the perfect time to open up more land in Adventureland to go along with it.

Inside Out

This is another Pixar film that would be perfect for a permanent content update. There are five obvious characters to add with all the emotions, six if we include Bing Bong. But as there really isn't a seventh character that could be added, I would not expect it to be a limited-time update.


Radiator Springs Racers Final Race Cars Land Disney California Adventure

This is the last major animated franchise yet to be added to the game. It would be difficult to add this, as the characters would almost certainly be larger than any currently in the game, but they could also just add them in their own section, similar to Star Wars, and limit their movement. With Cars Land, Radiator Springs Racers, Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy, and three films for inspiration, there is certainly a lot that could be added.

Wildcard Guesses

Just a couple more wildcard guesses for updates that could come in 2021.

A Goofy Movie would make a great permanent content update similar to the Ducktales update, with Max and Powerline being natural additions to the game alongside costumes for characters like Pete and Goofy.

There is also always a chance Disney Magic Kingdoms adds a more cult classic type Disney film, as they typically do once a year. This year that was Emperor's New Groove, leaving potential options for next year potentially including Treasure Planet, Robin Hood, and more.


  1. I hope Rise of the Guardians comes

    1. Rise Of The Guardians is Not A Disney Movie

    2. Rise Of The Guardians Was Made By Dreamworks Disney's Rival Company

  2. Now Were Towards The End Of This Year And The Beggining Of 2022 So Who Knows What 2022 Will Have in Store???

  3. Maybe Pinocchio Robin Hood The Fox And The Hound The Black Cauldron The Great Mouse Detective The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Tarzan A Bug's Life Cars Up Song Of The South Pete's Dragon Atlantis The Lost Empire Treasure Planet Brother Bear Chicken Little Meet The Robinsons And Bolt Might All Be Added Next Year

  4. i Would Love To See Brother Bear Because We Have Mountains in The Kingdom That Kinda Resemble The Ones From Brother Bear

  5. i Think Pinocchio Robin Hood The Fox And The Hound The Great Mouse Detective The Black Cauldron The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Tarzan A Bug's Life Cars Up Atlantis The Lost Empire Treasure Planet And Brother Bear Will All Be Events

  6. 13 Limited Time Events And Chicken Little Meet The Robinsons Bolt Pete's Dragon And Song Of The South Will All Be Permanent Content

  7. I would Like to see "Return to Oz" from 1985 since the movie is set in October and scared a lot of people as kids characters could include Dorothy, Billina, Tik-Tok, Jack Pumkinhead, The Gump, Ozma, The Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin Woodsman, and Mombi. and Attractions could include The Emerald City, The Nome King's Lair, Yellow Brick Road, and Dorothy's House. Consessions could include a Ruby Slipper stand, Oz Crown Stand (the one the scarecrow wears), and a lunch pail stand (from the lunch pail tree).


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