Minnie Mouse's House at Christmas in Toontown Fair Tribute Walt Disney World

Minnie Mouse House Decorated for Christmas Toontown Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World gets you fully immersed in the Christmas season at the end of the year, with each land celebrating in its own way, with its own special and unique decorations.

Some of the best holiday decorations at the Magic Kingdom used to be found in the various houses of Toontown Fair.

This land was themed as being a vacation home for various Mickey and Friends characters during their time at the Magic Kingdom. It was tied in with the theme of Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland, with the Disneyland version featuring the permanent homes, and the Magic Kingdom version feature their vacation homes in the country.

Minnie's House Toontown Fair Christmas Magic Kingdom

For this time of the year, Minnie Mouse decked her house in oversized Christmas lights, and filled the inside of her house with cartoon-inspired decorations.

Minnie's House Painting Room Toontown Fair Disney World

Every room is filled with Christmas cheer as well as the normal brilliant decorations.

Minnie's House Decorated for Christmas Toontown Walt Disney World

Today this house is no longer in the park, depriving us of these fun decorations, but it is nice to remember them as part of the history of celebrating the holidays at Walt Disney World