Did Mace Windu Save Baby Yoda

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Ever since Baby Yoda's backstory and name, Grogu, were revealed last week, theories have been running wild as to who helped him survive the Jedi purge that followed the execution of Order 66, especially given the fact that he was on Coruscant at the time, one of the hardest-hit locations by the order.

So I am going to present my own theory for who saved the youngling during the massacre.

Mace Windu seems to have been the perfect person to have saved Grogu during the destruction and keep him from the clones and Anakin Skywalker as they murdered every Jedi in sight.

At the time of Order 66, almost every Jedi was killed in a matter of moments, and while many Jedi who were off Coruscant at the time survived, as Obi-Wan, Yoda, and more did, few survived on the planet that had been home to the Jedi during the Republic. Anakin, newly having become Darth Vader, was seen to have killed a room full of children and having no remorse, which doesn't leave him a likely candidate.

Meanwhile, all clone troopers at the time have been shown to be under the control of Order 66, and few were able to fight its orders as Captain Rex was shown to in the series finale of Star Wars The Clone Wars.

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Mace Windu, if he survived his battle with Palpatine would have been the perfect person to sneak into the Jedi Temple and save whoever he came upon. Given Grogu's small size he would have been easy to hide, ensuring the survival of an additional member of the Jedi Order.

He was also one of few to know the true allegiance of Darth Sidious prior to the execution of Order 66. He could have potentially quickly made a journey into the Jedi Temple, taken Grogu out, and left before the execution. Even if anyone saw him, they almost certainly would have been killed in the purge, leaving his survival a secret.

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Windu also makes sense narratively to appear in The Mandalorian. He has a lasting conflict with Boba Fett, having killed his father, and this could be a story the show could explore. Bringing Mace Windu back to life also makes him potentially available to appear in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

In the most recent episode as well, Baby Yoda was seen communicating with the Jedi Temple, something Ahsoka said would cause him to reach out to living Jedi through the force. This could bring the perfect opportunity to reintroduce him as a potential master for Grogu.

Also, the Mandalorian has a growing tendency to bring characters back from the dead, or long absences from the franchise, so Mace Windu's reappearance would not be out of the question.

Mace Windu makes sense as the savior of Baby Yoda as there really was no other significant character that had the potential of saving him given what we know about Order 66 on Coruscant.