5 Disney Rides Canceled Because a Movie Flopped

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New Fantasyland Never Built Concept Art Tokyo Disneyland

For every new Disney attraction that gets built, there are just as many, if not more that are designed and never ended up getting built in the Disney Parks.

Today we are paying tribute to five never built Disney attractions that were canceled because the film they were connected to ended up flopping at the box office.

1. Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay Concept Art Disneyland

This land was partially connected to the film The Island at the Top of the World, and it the failure of this film was one of many things that ended up canceling this land. It would have featured a steampunk future city that told a connected story throughout the entire land. Elements of this land ended up becoming a part of Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris and Journey Into Imagination.

2. Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain was intended to add a new mountain to the Magic Kingdom mountain range in Adventureland. Proposals for what type of roller coaster this was going to be varied over the years, but they always involved a roller coaster in a volcano. The final version ended up tied to the Disney film Atlantis.

When that film underperformed, the proposal ended for good. And this wouldn't even be the only ride canceled by the underwhelming response to that film.

3. Atlantis Submarine Voyage

Explorer Submarine Tomorrowland Disneyland Submarine Voyage

Atlantis also killed a potential retheme of the classic Submarine Voyage at Disneyland. It closed in the late 1990s and rumors persisted it was going to be rethemed based on the film, with signs even appearing in the park that appeared to suggest just that.

But the film's failure ended these plans, and the ride ended up closed for several more years, before the current Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage was built.

4. Black Hole

The Black Hole Ride Concept Art Disneyland

Disney had high hopes for their live-action film Black Hole, hoping it would end up competing with the rising Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. It did not.

But Disney had already drawn up plans for a Black Hole themed ride to come to Tomorrowland in Disneyland. this would have been a shooter style dark ride similar to the current Buzz Lightyear attractions in Disney Parks all around the world. You would have attacked robots across various alien landscapes.

This ride being canceled opened up the door for Disney to build Star Tours and started their decades-long relationship with George Lucas.

5. Tokyo Disneyland Alice Ride

Tokyo Disneyland Never Built Alice In Wonderland Ride Concept Art

Not much is known about this ride. It would have replaced the Tokyo version of It's a Small World, which would have been relocated as part of a larger Fantasyland redesign that eventually evolved into the one that just opened in the past months. Small World would have opened alongside Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast and an Alice ride would have opened in its former location.

This ride was built to capitalize on the success of the first Alice In Wonderland live-action film, and following the failure of its sequel Through the Looking Glass, the plans were redrawn. A theater replaced the relocated It's a Small World and the original got a much-needed refurb.

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