The Aristocats 50th Anniversary

Marie Berlioz and Toulouse Playing Aristocats Disney

The Aristocats is a wonderful classic Disney animated film and today it is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Telling the story of a family of cats from a wealthy family, it sees them kidnapped so they won't inherit their owner's fortune, and trying to desperately get back to her with a new family member in tow.

Edgar Being Chased By Dogs Aristocats Disney

Walt Disney himself approved this film shortly before his death, making it the last animated film to have his personal touch.

Marie Thomas O'Malley and Duchess Aristocats Disney

The strong also features several underappreciated Disney musical gems, from Thomas O'Malley Cat to Everybody Wants to be a Cat, that are wonderful to experience.

Aristocats Geese Walking Scene Disney

This movie allowed Disney to transition to making a film without Walt, taking an idea proved by him and making it without him. It proved Disney could make a film without him, and allowed them to continue on as the icons of pop culture they still are today.

Berlioz and Toulouse Dance On Piano Aristocats Disney


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