Spaceship Earth Epcot Guide

Spaceship Earth is the iconic signature attraction of Epcot, telling the story of humanity and how we communicate with one another. It is one of the most elaborate Disney dark rides ever built, taking you through history from the stone age to imagining the technologies of tomorrow, with Judi Dench as your guide.

It is one of the best Disney rides of all time and a must ride at Epcot.


Spaceship Earth POV

Spaceship Earth Decent Screen

Project Tomorrow Post Show

2019 POV

Thrill Rating 3/10

This attraction is a slow-moving dark ride, although it does turn around and move backwards at one point in the ride.


Spaceship Earth Printing Press Epcot Walt Disney World

Foxy Brown Spaceship Earth Computer Lab Epcot Disney World

Spaceship Earth at Night Epcot Disney World

COVID19 Information

A proposed redesign of this attraction has been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Enhanced cleaning is in place in this attraction due to the pandemic.

Special Information

Several significant celebrities have voiced this attraction over the years, from Jeremy Irons to the current Judi Dench.