The Emperor's New Groove 20th Anniversary

Emperors New Groove Kuzco Dances in the Temple Disney
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The Emperor's New Groove is a Disney film unlike any other, and today it is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Following the story of a spoiled emperor Kuzco in ancient Peru as his assistant Yzma turns him into a llama in an attempt to take control of the country. Featuring a stellar cast of side characters and some of the best nonstop comedy of any Disney movie, there really is no comparing this film to any other in the Disney canon.

Kronk and Yzma Ride Down to Lab Emperors New Groove Disney
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The movie is the result of a troubled production that led a more serious story to be quickly developed into the screwball comedy that it ended up being.

Pancha and Llama Kuzco Walk Up a Cliff Emperors New Groove Disney
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Every moment in this movie is built to provide the maximum number of laughs possible. It breaks every typical convention of Disney animation in the best ways.

Yzma in a Sombrero Emperors New Groove Disney
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The Emperor's New Groove is a high point in Disney's second dark age, a time period where they became more experimental in a rapidly changing animation world, to very different results for each film. It couldn't be more different than Dinosaur and Atlantic, the films that preceded and followed it respectively, but its uniqueness is its greatest strenght.

Kronk Talking to Devil and Angel on His Shoulders Emperors New Groove Disney
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This film has so many iconic moments, from the famous pull the lever scene, to Kronk talking to his own angel and devil, to Yzma as a cat, to the map chase scene, and more.

The film has also found its way into the Disney Parks, helping inspire both a ride at Tokyo DisneySea and a storyline of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

If you love this film, be sure to check out some of the cut songs, which are among the best ever to not make it in the final film.

Kuzco Pancha and Yzma as a Cat Emperor's New Groove Disney
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