Declaration of Independence: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Independence Hall Philadelphia Under Refurbishment

Disneyland in the early days had several planned extensions from Main Street USA that never got built, leading to many proposed attractions from these lands never getting built in the first place along with them. One of these early never built lands was the Liberty Street section of the park, and it was set to have two attractions based on American history.

One of these two attractions was set to be based on the drafting of the Declaration of Independence in the early revolutionary days of the United States.

The attraction would have been a stage show style attraction similar to its proposed neighbor attraction the Hall of Presidents, although following a different story. This would have followed the iconic moment in history in an artistic way.

It would have been much less elaborate than the other attraction of the land, merely consisting of three-dimensional dioramas of various paintings of this famous part of the formation of the nation.

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Celebration Entrance

Disneyland has always been the most distinctively patriotic of the Disney Parks, recreating much of its history in various attractions and with several lands of the park deeply tied into patriotism in one way or another. But they have always lacked an area addressing the revolution, and this would have brought one of the biggest moments of the war to the park in a Disney way.

This never got built, and it really never even influenced any future attraction. It is the rare Disney attraction to die entierly and never influence a future project.

Mark Twain Riverboat Patriotic Decorations Disneyland

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