History of Enchanted Tales With Belle at Walt Disney World

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Enchanted Tales With Belle Show Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Enchanted Tales With Belle opened as one of the most unique offerings of New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, but its history started long before that.

The first attraction entirely based on Beauty and the Beast in the Magic Kingdom was a Storytelling With Belle interactive meet and greet show hybrid. It was performed multiple times a day in the current location of the Brave meet and greet.

This show would begin with an interactive performance led by Princess Belle in her blue village outfit with audience participation by any children in the audience, who would act out the various characters from the film. At the end of the performance people from the audience would then be able to meet Belle individually.

Beauty and the Beast Storytelling Christmas Version Disney World

It even had a special Christmas themed version.

This show was way more popular than Disney ever expected it to be, and that caused Disney to want to relocate it to a more permanent, and indoor, location with some added effects.

New Fantasyland Original Version Concept Art Magic Kingdom

When Disney announced New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, they planned to double down on the concept of these interactive meet and greets, with the Beauty and the Beast one being moved to the land and additional interactive meet and greets being developed based on other princesses like Cinderella and Aurora.

Most of these would not make it into the final version of the plan, but the Beauty and the Beast show would survive into the final plan, tucked into the mini-land based on the film.

It would open with the land and feature the same basic main show from the earlier version, accompanied by several preshows that took you through Belle's cottage and different rooms in Beast's Castle.

This show continued to operate until the closure of Walt Disney World due to the COVID19 pandemic. Since reopening this show has been closed due to its intimate, meet and greet like nature not being ideal for a socially distant world. It is unclear when the show will reopen.