Sunset Boulevard Trolley: Never Built Disney Studios

Never Built Disney Studios

Sunset Boulevard Red Car Trolley Shop Disney's Hollywood Studios

Today, a Red Car Trolley themed shop operates in the center of Sunset Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios. But this is actually merely a tribute to a never-built attraction planned for about the same attraction.

Sunset Boulevard was initially set to be a much more extensive land at Disney's MGM Studios, being home to the entrances to not only the Tower of Terror, but also Roger Rabbit's Hollywood as well as Dick Tracey Crimestoppers. In this version of the plans, the land was set to include not a Red Car Trolley shop, but an entire operating attraction based on the classic transportation system.

This attraction would have expanded from the hub of the park to the end of the land, passing by locations from Roger Rabbit just as the trolley in the film had.

As many elements of the land were cut for various reasons, the budget of the land was drastically reduced, costing the park this attraction.

Pacific Electric Red Car Trolley Roger Rabbit Movie Prop in Walt Disney World

The Pacific Electric Red Car Trolley used in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit would be a regular feature of the studio backlot tour, serving alongside the Red Car Trolley shop as subtle nods to this never built part of the park.

The idea behind this would later be reimagined in another Disney Park land based on classic Hollywood.

When Disney was redesigning the entrance of Disney California Adventure, they would revisit the idea of an attraction based on the Red Car Trolley, incorporating it into the design of Buena Vista Street and also running through Hollywoodland.

Buena Vista Street With Monorail and Red Car Trolley Disney California Adventure

This functionally is the same attraction planned for Disney's Hollywood Studios, merely passing by different sights, and it also included for a time a show utilizing the attraction.

The ride may never have been built in Walt Disney World, but no good idea ever dies at Disney and it was later reborn to help save Disney California Adventure, letting us see what could have been along Sunset Boulevard.

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