Rogue Squadron Announced as Next Star Wars Theatrical Film


Star Wars Rogue Squadron Logo

Disney just announced the next Star Wars theatrically released film, Rogue Squadron, coming to theaters Christmas 2022 from director Patty Jenkins.

This will be the first Star Wars film from a female director, a step up in the diversity push Disney has been making across their company.

It will also be only the third live-action film outside of the Skywalker Sage, and the first sign at where the franchise will be moving forward in the aftermath of the end of the sequel trilogy and the success of the Disney Plus original series The Mandalorian.

Patty Jenkins Enters X Wing Announcing Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Patty Jenkins is the mind behind the most recent version of Wonder Woman, and will surely bring a new energy to the series as she attempts to create the greatest fighter movie ever told.

We will keep you up to date as we find out more information on this exciting new development.