Disney Adding Star Into Disney Plus Outside the US

Disney Plus

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Disney has announced that they are adding another section of Disney Plus in markets outside the United States with the Star brand.

Star on Disney Plus will serve as a more adult section of Disney Plus with more mature ratings, essentially becoming the above 18 section of Disney Plus, with parental controls coming to the service as well.

This also will allow various entertainment from outside the Disney banner to come into Disney Plus, largely from 20th Centruy, including R rated films like Alien and more adult series like Modern Family.

This will begin launching throughout the world on February 23rd 2021, with a price increase coming to Disney Plus coming at the same time, at 8.99 Euros.

This will not be launching in Latin America which will recieve its own app known as Star Plus, and this will also include sports and local originals later in 2021.

Disney Plus will not be receiving any of these new features as Star will remain to only be offered internationally. They will also not receive any of the new content that will be available on Disney Plus outside the US as well.