Is Brave Coming To Disney Magic Kingdoms in December 2020 Update

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Merida Disney Princess Brave Character Meet and Greet Magic Kingdom Disney World

Clues are being released for the next major Disney Magic Kingdoms event, and it is increasingly looking like the game will be getting a Brave themed event.

We previously predicted this was going to be the last event of the year following a hint in the Mandalorian live stream. This one hint, using the word quiver in a phrase, has now appeared in multiple different places, suggesting Brave as the event. The only other Disney film this could even possibly point to is Robin Hood, and there are several reasons Brave is more likely.

First, Disney Magic Kingdoms has been making an effort to add all the comfy costumes from Ralph Breaks the Internet to the game, and adding Brave would almost certainly mean the addition of Merida's comfy costume at the same time.

Also, we know based on the December calendar that Frozen is going to be the helper event, meaning two additional comfy costumes could also be added to this event, as neither Anna or Elsa have their comfy costume yet.

There have also been hints utilizing cauldrons, which would also fit the Brave theme, as well as bears, a major element in the film.

Finally, Brave is a lot more popular film than Robin Hood at the moment, being relatively recent and a Disney Princess film. If Robin Hood is added down the line I would expect it to be in a permanent content update, not a limited-time event, which are normally reserved for more recent, popular films. 

The addition of Merida, her family, and whatever other characters are included in the event would ensure the entire Disney Princess lineup is in the game, and surely bring some fun attractions to the park as well. This Pixar movie would make for a fun event, and as it has been nearly six months since the start of the last full event, any characters are welcome.