Review The Mandalorian Chapter 14: The Tragedy

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The Mandalorian Looks Down on Jedi Temple Chapter 14 Disney Plus

The Mandalorian returns this week for yet another action packed episode, once again reintroducing classic original trilogy characters to the Star Wars universe while expanding its own lore following last week's massive reveals of Baby Yoda's name and more.

This episode contains several major reveals, so from this point on, do not continue reading if you do not want major elements of the episode spoiled for you.

Spoiler Warning

The Mandalorian Chapter 14 The Tragedy Title Card

The episode begins with the titular Mandalorian getting used to calling Baby Yoda by his actual name Grogu, which he easily responds to. He also attempts to help him use his powers.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Jetpack To Jedi Temple Chapter 14

Early in the episode they arrive at the Jedi Temple as directed by Ahsoka Tano, and Grogu is placed on its central rock to attempt to use it to reach out to any remaining Jedi.

Baby Yoda Communicates With The Jedi Temple The Mandalorian Chapter 14

These efforts are initially unsuccessful until eventually the powers of the temple become visually apparent with Grogu (Baby Yoda) using the temple and being surrounded by a protective force field created by the temple.

During these events, a ship lands nearby that should be immediately recognizable to any longtime Star Wars fan, and even casual fans of the franchise.

Boba Fett Revealed The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Disney Plus

The Slave I arrives, bringing with it the, now confirmed, still alive Boba Fett, alongside Fennec, the also still alive bounty hunter last seen left for dead last season.

Boba Fett and Fennec Arrive The Mandalorian Chapter 14 The Tragedy

It is not revealed how he survived his apparent death in Return of the Jedi, although Fennec's apparent death in the last season of The Mandalorian is explained with her having been saved by Boba Fett following her apparent demise.

They are now working together to reatain Fett's armor which is now in the possession of our titular Mandalorian.

Stormtroopers Attack Jedi Temple The Mandalorian Chapter 14 The Tragedy

Any potential bargain is interrupted though by the arrival of a seemingly endless number of Stormtroopers who attack the entire trio as they attempt to kidnap Grogu for Moff Gideon to continue using in science experiments.

The Mandalorian and Fennec Defeat Stormtroopers Chapter 14 Disney Plus

The three begin fighting them off, but Din Djarin and Fennec are eventually surrounded by Stormtroopers, far outnumbered by the remnant force of the Empire.

Boba Fett In Armor Defeats a Stormtrooper The Mandalorian Chapter 14

The tide of the battle turns when Boba Fett, now clad in his iconic armor which he claimed from the Razor Crest, is able to outmatch the remaining Imperial forces and send them into a retreat.

The Razor Crest Being Destroyed The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Disney Plus

It is at this moment that the Razor Crest, the titular Mandalorian's ship, is completely destroyed from above on the orders of Moff Gideon as troops are sent to kidnap Grogu.

Baby Yoda Being Kidnaped The Mandalorian Chapter 14

These troops are able to successfully capture Baby Yoda before any of the trio can make it back to the Jedi Temple. He had finished his communication with the temple, removing any protection from these troops.

Moff Gideon's Star Destroyer The Mandalorian Star Wars Disney Plus

Despite efforts from Boba in the Slave I, they are able to bring Baby Yoda by jetpack to Moff Gideon's Star Destroyer.

Moff Gideon on Star Destroyer Bridge The Mandalorian Chapter 14

Having successfully attained the asset, Moff Gideon leaves the planet with the captured Grogu still in his hands.

The Slave One Chases Baby Yoda Grogu The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Disney Plus

This battle was on a much lower scale than most of the others seen so far this season, utilizing mostly physical combat, especially from Boba Fett. It feels like a noticeable departure that isn't entirely positive, and while still strong, the episode felt comparatively weak especially following The Jedi.

What it does best, is build the tension and suspense ultimately leading to the appropriately tragic ending of the episode.

The Mandalorian and the Rubble of The Razor Crest Chapter 14 The Tragedy

Following the battle we see The Mandalorian trying to find a way forward after losing The Child and his ship. He finds only two salvagable pieces of his ship, one being the ball he has used to play with Grogu.

The Mandalorian with Beskar Spear in the Ruins of the Razor Crest Star Wars Disney Plus

The only other surviving element of the ship is the spear he only gained last episode from the Magistrate, which survived due to being made of Beskar, the metal that makes up Mando's and now Boba Fett's armor.

He gains the help of Boba and Fennec until he regains the child and begins to seek the help of old friends to build his team.

The Mandalorian and Republic Marshal Cara Dune Chapter 14 The Tragedy

Cara Dune, now a marshal of the New Republic, is one of the first he calls on, to help him locate a potential ally in a prison.

Grogu Baby Yoda Overpowers Stormtroopers With The Force The Mandalorian Chapter 14

The episode then shifts to Moff Gideon's ship, where the captured Grogu is seen utilizing his force powers to overcome two Stormtroopers before becoming too tired to continue fighting back.

Moff Gideon Shows Baby Yoda The Darksaber The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Disney Plus

Moff Gideon then shows him his Darksaber, asking if he remembers anything like it from the old days of the Republic, before having him restrained.

Baby Yoda In Captivity Grogu The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Star Wars

Overall this episode feels as if it is setting up for bigger things later on. Large parts, including the entire last third of the episode, are exclusively dedicated to exposition aimed at setting up for what is likely the final encounter of the season between The Mandalorian and his growing crew, and Moff Gideon's remnant of the Empire.

The stakes for this battle however are steadily growing, with Baby Yoda now in captivity, and his future safety in more jeopardy than it has been in the entire series so far.