5 Broadway Musicals That Take Place on Christmas


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Broadway may be closed, but that does not mean we can't appreciate various musicals over the years that celebrated the holiday season on stage.

Today we are taking you through five Broadway musicals that take place, at least in part, at Christmas time.


All of act one of this classic rock musical takes play on Christmas Eve. Starting on December 24th, 9:00PM EST, it follows the cast through a series of untraditional Christmas celebrations not with their own family, but the family they found within each other. It features several songs related to the holiday, as well as the character Angel appearing in a Santa dress through much of the show.

Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill Our New Musical Shubert Alley Broadway Poster

The new musical Jagged Little Pill both begins and ends with Mary Jane writing a Christmas letter amid the backdrop of a perfect Christmas tree. The first time it paints the picture of a perfect family, ignoring what is actually happening around her, and the final one serving as the brutally honest emotional conclusion to the story.

She Loves Me

This musical leads up to Christmas, following the lives of a group of clerks in a perfume shop in the time leading up to the busy Christmas shopping season. Following an unlikely love story, it is a feel-good musical that ends with a happy conclusion on Christmas. For some Christmas charm, the show's Twelve Days To Christmas captures the chaotic insanity of working in retail in the days leading up to Christmas.


This show features only one scene on Christmas day, but it gave us an iconic Christmas song that has taken on a life of its own beyond the show. We Need a Little Christmas in the context of the show happens at the dawn of the Great Depression when Mame loses her fortune, and decides to throw herself in the Christmas spirit rather than despair.


Another musical that ends on Christmas day. Annie follows the story of an orphan looking for her family, and she eventually finds it when she is adopted by Mr. Warbux on Christmas day at a party that also includes President FDR, who leads into the finale song A New Deal for Christmas.