Dinoland USA at Christmas Time Disney's Animal Kingdom

Dinoland USA Fossil Christmas Lights Disney's Animal Kingdom

Begining last year, Disney's Animal Kingdom vastly improved their celebrations surrounding the holiday season, with new decorations coming to every land in the park that fit in seamlessly with each land's theme.

One of the most elaborate displays was found in Dinoland USA, specifically the Chester and Hester section of the land, which played into its roadside America theme with large displays of Christmas lights themed after Dinosaurs.

TriceraTop Spin At Christmas Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom

While the land had always decorated for Christmas, this had been very simple for most of its history, with only a few Christmas trees and wreaths spread throughout the land, but this would all change last year.

Christmas lights would be spread throughout the land, notably covering the massive fossils of the land with color-changing lights, and Dino inspired holiday decorations would fill every section of the park.

Christmas Dinosaur Carolers Light Display Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom

Fun details are hidden everywhere, with highlights including the light display of dinosaur carolers singing in roars. Everything perfectly goes along with the purposely cheesy style of the land, making it a special place to visit during the holidays.