Dick Tracy Crime Stoppers: Never Built Disney Studios

Never Built Disney Studios

Dick Tracey Crime Stoppers Concept Art Disney World

When it opened, Disney MGM Studios lacked many major ride through attractions, and Disney planned to correct this with several ambitious expansion plans based on their recent and anticipated future hit movies.

The only problem was, one of those hit movies they planned a ride for ended up being the flop Dick Tracy film.

Dick Tracy Crime Stoppers was set to utilize Disney's then-new EMV ride system today known for its usage on Dinosaur and Indiana Jones Adventure. You would have hopped on board a classic car style ride vehicle and taken a journey through 1920s Chicago on a high energy journey through the iconic locations of the film.

Each ride vehicle would have been outfitted with interactive guns, making the ride functionally a combination of the motion simulator dark ride in the style of Indiana Jones Adventure, and the shooting adventure dark ride style of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

This ride would have been located in a small Chicago section of the park, taking you inside a warehouse that would hold the attraction, before sending you through the streets of Chicago.

This attraction was inevitably canceled due to the poor financial performance of the movie, meaning the only usage of the EMV ended up being on Dinosaur and the Indiana Jones Adventure which use identical track layouts.

The location planned for this attraction now holds the Rock N Roller Coaster and Lightning McQueen Racing Academy.

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