Fawn Disney Character Guide

Fawn Pixie Hollow Disneyland

As the Tinkerbelle film series has now ended most of Tinkerbell's fairy friends have now left the Disney Parks. All of their meet and greets have pretty much been replaced by Tinkerbelle herself at both Disneyland Resort and Disney World.

But sometimes, if you're really lucky, you can still find them.

Now if you're at Disney World sorry to say you're completely out of luck.

But at Disneyland, that's a different story.

Now, this applies to the other fairies like Silvermist as well, but Fawn is the most common so we are going to talk about her.

The Disneyland App has a list of characters that will be meeting that day. The Pixie Hollow location almost always starts the day with only Tinkerbelle meeting guests there. If this is the case don't worry. Keep checking back in the app throughout the day. If Tinkerbelle has to take an unexpected break she will be replaced by one of her fairy friends.

Now as I said this is usually Fawn but Silvermist can replace her as well but this is much less common.

Another thing to know is that whenever Fawn is meeting no one knows who she is so the line cuts down to almost nothing.