Imagination Inside Out Announced


Epcot is currently undergoing a massive renovation and almost no part is remaining untouched. This includes the parks unoffical mascot.

Disney just announced a brand new ride replacing Journey Into Imagination with Figment in Epcot's Future World.

Imagination Inside Out.

After the Imagination Institute closed, Figment decided to move in with Joy, Sadness and the rest of the emotions from Inside Out.

You will be able to enjoy new experiences like Skunk Figment's journey to goofball island.

And don't worry Epcot Center fans, you will be able to see the return of a scene from the original Journey Into Imagination. Enjoy the return of the art scene as Disgust points out all the flaws in the artwork.

This should be a great way to make Epcot more timeless and more Disney while still keeping everyone's favorite purple dragon around.

And don't worry, while the outdated One Little Spark themed to imagination or something will not return for this new ride, an all-new song will be written for this attraction.

April fools!