Curse of DarKastle

The Curse of DarKastle
Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Curse of DarKastle Queue

Today we are going to look back at one of the best rides Busch Gardens Williamsburg has ever created: The Curse of DarKastle

Curse of DarKastle Safety Info

Traditionally Busch Gardens has been a coaster park, meaning they care more about thrills than theming. This ride was a welcome exception to that. The ride was the first application of the technology behind The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman outside of a Universal Park.

Curse of DarKastle Preshow Room

It was built on a lower budget, but still was the best-themed ride at the park, and also the only real dark ride in the entire park.

Curse of DarKastle Preshow

It started with a pre-show, turned into a queue video in the later years of the attraction which told you about the curse the castle was under and foreshadowd many of the characters you would meet in the ride.

Then you would go on your ride vehicle and take a tour of the castle, where you desperately try to escape the many cursed characters and objects in the castle. It had many moments similar to Universal's Spiderman, including a levitation scene and an explosion effect.

Curse of DarKastle Station

It told a cohesive story and provided some great thrills.

Unfortunatly it fell victim to the downfall of the Sea World company. The ride was expensive to operate and the company choose to dismantle the ride and turn it into a flex space, leaving the park without any dark rides.

Apologies for the bad photos in this article, I only rode this once so I only had a couple of photos to use.