Be More Chill Digital Lottery

Be More Chill Set

This musical has closed. This article remains as a record.

Be More Chill is something Broadway doesn't see a lot of. It is a musical that caters to teenagers and young adults. This also means their target demographic often doesn't have enough money to pay for a Broadway ticket. As such the show opened with a Rush to allow people to see the show for less than your traditional Broadway ticket.

Now they have announced a second way to get $40 tickets, through the all-new digital lottery.

This works differently than every other Broadway Lottery currently running.

You can enter starting at 12am the day before the performance like several other lotteries. But you find out at two different times if you won tickets, either at 9am or 3pm the day before the show. If you win at 9 you have until 3 to buy tickets. If you win at 3 you have until 9pm to purchase your tickets.

Be More Chill Bows Original Broadway Cast

All the other rules are more standard. You can win up to two tickets per person. The seats can be located anywhere in the theatre. If you a flexible with your schedule this could be a great way to see this show. Also, if you don't get it there is always the Rush line.

Originally Published: 4/18/19

Last Updated: 2/26/20