Perla and Suzy Disney Character Guide

Suzy Mouse Disney World

Cinderella is prominently featured in many Disney Parks, including two castles. Even many of the side characters from the film appear regularly in the parks. But two have become increasingly less common over the years.

They are the mice, Perla and Suzy.

These mice used to be incredibly common throughout the parks but as more characters are featured these two have often become forgotten.

But they can still be found occasionally at both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

At Disneyland, they are sometimes found at the Minnie and Friends Breakfast in the Park. They are some of the rarer characters at this meal but it is your only chance of finding them at the Disneyland Resort.

Perla Mouse Disney World

At Disney World, they sometimes will meet in Fantasyland at the arches near Enchanted Tales with Belle. If they are they will be listed on the app.

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