Busch Gardens Williamsburg

InvadR Busch Gardens Williamsburg

In 2017 Busch Gardens Williamsburg invested in something seldom built today in top theme parks across the country. A brand new wooden rollercoaster.

Major parks today seem like they are trying to get rid of their wooden coasters. From Wicked Cyclone to Twisted Timbers to countless others wooden coasters are being converted to hybrids at most regional parks. In fact, the trains for the coaster came from a previous wooden roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa that this exact thing happened to. Yet here we are.

It is a welcome change. The ride is a lot of fun, with the feel of a wooden roller coaster but not as shaky as a lot of the old ones in most parks. Instead, we get a great addition to the park, the only wooden coaster in the park and a fun addition to the French Canada section which had not seen an expansion in a long time.