5 Facts About Paradise Square on Broadway


Paradise Square Playbill in Front of Broadway Stage

Paradise Square is a new original musical currently playing on Broadway. This American history based musical tells an original story taking place in New York City during the Civil War, showcasing a community of free Black Americans, and Irish immigrants.

Here are five facts about this new musical currently running at the Barrymore Theatre on Broadway.

1. Out of Tow Tryout

This show had a pre Broadway out of town tryout in Chicago, running in late 2021 at the Nederlander Theatre before transferring to Broadway in 2022.

2. Basis

Paradise Square Broadway Musical Map Curtain

Paradise Square started its development as an off off Broadway show called Hard Times, eventually developing into the show that exists today.

3. History

Barrymore Theatre Broadway Marquee Paradise Square

While the characters featured in Paradise Square for the most part are fictional, the historical events that take part around them were real events.

4. Real People

Paradise Square Broadway Musical Marquee Lamp Post Design

Most of the characters featured in Paradise Square are fictional and created for the musical, however the show does feature fictionalized versions of Stephen and Janey Foster.

5. Drabinsky

Paradise Square Broadway Musical Set After Bows

This show is the return to Broadway for producer Garth Drabinsky, who previously was imprisoned in Canada for his business practices.

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