A Guide To Preshow Activities at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child On Broadway


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway Set

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is an entire experience in addition to being a Broadway show, and that experience begins before the show even starts. There are a variety of activities to take part in before even entering the theatre itself.

Here is a guide to all of the preshow activities you can take part in prior to seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, both inside and outside the theatre.

Outside The Theatre

Worth mentioning is that there is a British-style phone box set up outside the Box Office of the Lyric Theatre where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child currently plays. You can take photos with this and it has a sign inside with a message related to the show.

Theatre's Early Opening

Most Broadway theatres typically open one half-hour prior to showtime. The Lyric Theatre opens a full hour prior to the beginning of the show, to give audience members enough time to take part in all of the activities in the lobby. Be aware the theatre itself typically still does not open more than a half-hour before the show, but during that first half-hour, you are free to explore the lobby and its activities.

Instagram Effects

Moving Portraits Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway

In order to take part in most of the in theatre activities, you need to have downloaded Instagram. A variety of effects recreating scenes and magic from the Harry Potter franchise are created utilizing special filters accessed from within the theatre through posted QR codes.

One of these effects is a special banner and floating candles effect in the main room of the lobby, where it becomes decorated with the four Hogwarts house banners.

Patronus Deer Wall Decoration Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway

Another is a room with various Patronus effects depending on where you point your camera within the room.

Finally, there are two portraits on the wall of the main lobby room, and when utilizing a special filter, these portraits come alive.


While all shows have merchandise, this show has significantly more than the average show, with a full shop being located on the ground floor, selling shirts, magnets, and all typical Broadway souvenirs, as well as specialty items as well as wands and plush owls. (Also be sure to come back at intermission, when more items are put up for sale)

There is also a special food shop in the lobby selling special items themed to the show.


Finally, one thing you have to do before going to your seat is appreciate all of the special decorations throughout the building. Much of the carpeting and wallpaper is specially designed for this production, with the Hogwarts logo or other Harry Potter symbols.

There are also other photo ops to take part in throughout the theatre, so you will definitely want to arrive at the theatre early.

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