King Louie Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

King Louie Character Meet and Greet Epcot Walt Disney World

King Louie has been a popular Disney character for decades, being a popular part of the Disney Parks since his film originally released in the early years of the Disney Parks' existence. While no longer as popular as he used to be, he is still popular when he makes an appearance in the Disney Parks.

In the last two decades, while almost not present at all in Disneyland, King Louie became one of the most popular characters the meet regularly in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

King Louie in Mickey's Jungle Jammin Parade Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

King Louie became a regular part of parades and parties held at Disney's Animal Kingdom. This was fitting for him to appear at a park themed based on animals, and with a land based on the general region of Asia where The Jungle Book took place.

Most of his appearances were alongside Baloo, one of the other main characters from The Jungle Book, even having a major meet and greet together for most of the history of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

King Louie Character Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

King Louie was always a fun character to meet, being full of energy just as he was in his original film.

Baloo and King Louie Jungle Book Character Greeting Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Today most appearances of Baloo and King Louie have been replaced by more modern characters, leaving them more rare than they have been since their film was originally released.

Have you ever meet King Louie in the Disney Parks? Share your memories with us in the comments below!

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