Should Character Sightings Remain Alongside Meet and Greets at Disney?

Disney Adventurer

Stormtrooper Character Greeting in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Walt Disney World

Traditional character meet and greets are about to return to the American Disney parks for the first time in over two years. This is a welcome return, especially for families who have never had the chance for their kids to meet and be hugged by iconic characters from Mickey Mouse, goofy, and more. 

But during the pandemic, Disney explained the presence of characters throughout the entirety of the Disney parks through character sightings. These were less formal appearances by characters throughout the parks where they could interact with multiple guests at the same time, well often doing fun activities.

So this opens up the question, should these character sightings remain a part of the Disney parks alongside traditional meet and greets?

Traditional meet and greets have typically catered to children and families, however, in recent years older guests have begun to appreciate them as well. This has increased their popularity, as well as the lines for all characters meet and greets. So could character greetings be utilized in an attempt to mitigate these lines?

In recent years prior to the pandemic especially, one of the only ways to see Disney characters was to wait in line at a meet and greet. Character greetings for fill the same need, but without the need to spend time waiting in a line. They are both similar but different.

Character greetings are a way to see characters without the wait, and allow more people to see the same characters in less time, potentially saving Disney money as well, as they do not have to pay for as many characters and attenants.

Character greetings have been a wonderful part of the Disney parks for two years now, and it is interesting to explore if they should remain a part of the Disney parks for longer alongside the traditional meet and greets that they had replaced.