Disneyland Rides That Are Better At Night

Disney Adventurer

Disneyland has numerous iconic attractions that are always wonderful to ride. But some become even more magical at nighttime. Here are some of the rides at Disneyland that are even better to ride at night than during the day.

It's a Small World

Sea Serpent It's A Small World Disneyland

It's a Small World is one of the most iconic attractions in the park, and its facade is one of its most memorable parts. This part of the ride becomes even more cheery at night when it lights up multiple different colors. It even changes colors every fifteen minutes when the Clock Parade is performed on the ride's facade. The ride also gets added magic at night during the holiday season that makes it a must ride holiday attraction.

Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party At Night Fantasyland Disneyland

The Mad Tea Party may be the exact same ride at night, but it feels like an entirely different experience. Above the ride, the vines light up with multiple different colored lanterns, and as the ride spins the lights dance along with the music. It is just as fun to ride as it is to watch from the pathways around the park.


The Incredicoaster is by far the attraction most improved by night. It is a completely different experience that is far superior to the daytime version. All of the effects look more realistic than they do during the day, and there are many added effects that don't even exist during the day.

Incredibles Archway Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Every part of this ride, on and off, looks so much better during the night, and even effects that are laughable during the day look great at night. Add in the impressive night setting of Pixar Pier itself, and the ride is just so much better at night.