Road Trip USA: Never Built Disney California Adventure

Never Built Disney California Adventure

Road Trip USA Disney California Adventure Concept Art Disneyland

Radiator Springs Racers today is one of the most iconic Disney rides of all time, but originally it was set to be a very different attraction, without featuring any Disney or Pixar characters.

The original version of this attraction, known as Road Trip USA, was supposed to be a tribute to Route 66, the iconic American road that travels from Illinois all the way to the coast of California, that developed from an early highway into a tourist destination.

Santa Monica Pier Route 66 End Of The Trail Sign California

The ride was set to feature tributes to many of the attractions, sights, and tourist traps that you can find along the real Route 66.

This attraction's exact ride concept is unknown, with some reports saying it would have used the Test Track ride system eventually used by Radiator Springs Racers, while others said it would have used a tamer Autopia-like ride system.

As the land developed, Disney grew unsure of building another land without characters in a park that had been criticized for its lack of Disney characters. This would eventually lead to the death of this version of the concept, but not the attraction itself.

Radiator Springs Racers Ride Vehicles Final Race Cars Land Disney California Adventure

This attraction would then be redesigned into a ride featuring Goofy, which we will explore next week as part of our ongoing Never Built Disney California Adventure series. Eventually, it would become the Cars attraction we all know and love today.