10 Facts About Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Dinosaur Ride Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom

Dinosaur is one of the best dark rides at Disney's Animal Kingdom, taking you on a high-speed journey back in time to a dinosaur-filled jungle on the brink of extinction to save one dino from impending doom.

In tribute to this ride, we are sharing 10 facts and secrets about this thrilling attraction at Walt Disney World.

1. Original Name

When the park first opened this ride was known as Countdown To Extinction, and there are still things in the ride that reference the original name.

2. Science Guy

The first preshow in the queue line in the room with the large globe features Bill Nye The Science Guy.

3. EMV

This ride features Disney's EMV ride system which combines a dark ride with a motion simulator through a highly themed environment.

4. Museum

The queue line is themed as a more traditional fossil museum with factual information on various aspects of dinosaurs.

5. Shared Layout

This ride shares an identical layout with the Disneyland attraction Indiana Jones Adventure, which also uses the same ride system.

6. Animatronics

During the ride, you come across 11 different dinosaur animatronics.

7. Film

Dinosaur Ride Entrance Disney's Animal Kingdom

This ride is actually partially based on the Disney animated film Dinosaur, and the dino you save in the ride is its main character Aladar.

8. Identification

While the ride identifies all the dinosaurs you come across in the ride, not all of them are identified correctly.

9. Original Sponsor

When the ride first opened it was sponsored by McDonald's.

10. Condiments

Dinosaur Ride Station Disney's Animal Kingdom

In reference to the original sponsor, there are pipes themed based on ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise in the ride's station.