Predicting The Next Ride To Close In Each Walt Disney World Park

Disney Adventurer

Dumbo The Flying Elephant Ride Magic Kingdom Disney World

Disney Parks are constantly changing places, with older and less popular rides constantly closing to make way for exciting new attractions.

So today we are placing predicitions for whatever the next ride to close in each park at Walt Disney World will be. These are merely predictions and are not necessarily based in current rumors. We are also not including already announced projects like the Splash Mountain replacement.

Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland During Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland is currently amid a massive transformation that has already cost it one attraction, Stitch's Great Escape, and odds are the next attraction to leave the park will be from this land as well.

There were two obvious choices for this attraction, in either Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin or Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, but with an upcoming Buzz Lightyear spin off coming out that almost certainly eliminates any possiblity of Buzz getting removed.

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor has yet to reopen during the COVID19 pandemic, and it was far from the most popular show before the pandemic. Shows in this location typically don't last that long, and this is already the longest running show in the location.

Even if it comes back, this show is almost certainly the next on the chopping block when Disney is looking to fix the rest of Tomorrowland.


Spaceship Earth From Across World Showcase Lagoon Epcot Disney World

This park is a bit tricky to predict, considering so much has either already closed (Innoventions, Club Cool, etc), or is slated to close in the near future (Reflections of China). But there is one attraction that has continually avoided removal for going on two decades that is one of the worst attractions in all of Walt Disney World.

Figment Animatronic Sound Lab Journey Into Imagination Epcot Disney World

This is of course Journey Into Imagination With Figment.

While Figment is just as popular as he always has been, his attraction is one of the worst in the park, yet somehow has never been replaced through multiple phases of redeveloping the park. It only seems natural that this would be the next ride addressed whenever Disney chooses to invest more in the park.

What Disney will choose to do is a complete mystery. Rumors have put everything from another original Figment ride, to an Inside Out attraction, to Phineas and Ferb in this spot.

It seems difficult to imagine Figment being entirely absent from whatever the replacement is, given his popularity, but nothing is impossible with modern Disney.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Rock N Roller Coaster Exterior Disney's Hollywood Studios

Just a quick rule about this park, we didn't include any of the stage shows closed by the pandemic as any of them could forseably never come back.

That doesn't exactly leave many rides, and of them the natural choice is Rock N Roller Coaster Starring AEROSMITH.

This is one of the few rides still tied in with the original behind the scenes Hollywood theme of the park, and prior to the pandemic rumors were growing that this ride was exploring potential retheme idea. The rumor was Disney's AREOSMITH contract was nearing the end, meaining there may be a set timeline this needs to be replaced in.

It wouldn't exactly be hard to change this attraction into something else. With the exception of the queue line it is very lightly themed, and its sister version in Paris is currently being changed into an Iron Man attraction. While that can't come to Walt Disney World due to the deal with Universal that predates Disney's purchase of Marvel, it could certainly be replaced with something else, even if its just a new band.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom has only closed two rides in its entire history, and one of them closed this year. Based on that, it may be easy to pick out the next ride to close.

Dinoland USA outside of the original Dinosaur ride has consistantly been considered one of the worst parts of Disney's Animal Kingdom, and earlier this year Primeval Whirl closed for good following the pandemic. Recently its ride vehicles were even seen leaving the park. It only makes sense that its sister attraction, TriceraTop Spin will be the next ride to leave the park.

Removing these two attractions would open up enough space for an entire additional land to be added to the park, either with or without Dinosaur as well.