Wonders of Life as a Festival Center: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Wonders of Life Mobile Ceiling Festival Center Epcot Disney World

Wonders of Life closed forever in 2007, but it would hold onto life for over a decade longer by serving as a "temporary" Festival Center.

Body Wars Concept Art Wonders of Life Epcot Disney World

Wonders of Life was the last entirely new pavilion added to Epcot Center, based on health and the human body. It held two main attractions, Body Wars, and Cranium Command, as well as several other minor attractions.

When the pavilion closed for good, it became a part of the seasonal festivals of Epcot. It became home to various presentations and merchandise shops over the years.

Wonders of Life Festival Center Disney World Epcot

What ended up happening with this pavilion was on display for the decade it became a Festival Center. Guests were given a full look at Disney gradually removing references to Wonders of Life and making it even more of a flex space than it already was.

Wonders of Life Building as Festival Center Epcot Disney World

By the end, very little remained from the Wonders of Life days beyond the basic infrastructure. New shows were occasionally shown, including one made for Disney California Adventure, and the shops were filled with new merchandise every year.

Play Pavilion Concept Art Wonders of Life Building Epcot Disney World

Eventually, it would close for good as a Festival Center to make way for the Play Pavilion. Now, with the pavilion rumored to be delayed due to its interactive nature amid the COVID19 Pavilion, the building's future is once again in doubt.