What Characters Would Get Added to Disney Magic Kingdoms In a Soul Update

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Cinderella Castle In Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Pixar's Soul has been a huge success for Disney in the last couple of months, and it is reasonable to think Disney Magic Kingdoms could consider adding the movie to the game in a future update at some point. So as the first in a new speculation series we are going to try to predict what Soul characters could come to the game in a potential Soul update.

This is likely not the next update, but it could easily happen someday soon as it is a modern hit animated film.

Joe Gardner Playing Piano In Classroom Pixar Soul Disney Plus

Soul has relatively few major characters that I think would be definite additions. The only two that would almost certainly get added would be Joe Gardner and 22, but beyond that, there is a sizable supporting cast, none of which are obvious additions apart from any other character.

Depending on if the update focuses on New York City or the Great Before we might get one of the Jerrys as an addition but I don't know how they would look in the kingdom given their abstract two-dimensional nature. They are also the only major character in the Great Before world outside Terry who would also face a similar problem.

In New York, there are a lot of characters that could get added.

Joe Gardner In Body Of Therapy Cat Pixar Soul Disney Plus

The cat immediately comes to mind but they might be difficult to implement because of the body-switching element of the film. Would this require Joe to have a cat costume and 22 to have a Joe costume?

Dorothea Williams Playing the Saxophone Pixar Soul Disney Plus

Dorothea Williams is also a likely choice, and I think she would probably be the only member of the quartet to get added (outside of Joe of course).

Joe also has various friends and family that appear briefly in the film that could make an appearance. His mother makes multiple short appearances including an emotional confrontation that could easily cause her to be included. His barber Dez could also be a potential choice, especially considering his barbershop is a natural choice for an attraction in the update.

Beyond this there are plenty of potential wildcard characters that could also make a surprise appearance. Disney Magic Kingdoms doesn't always pick the most obvious characters and these could come if that is what happens with this potential update.

Joe's friend Curley could potentially make an appearance if the storyline is more focused on the Dorthea Williams Quartet.  Moonwind might make sense storywise as a link between The Great Before and the human world despite being a smaller character.

Subway Sunset Pixar Soul New York City Disney Plus

A lot of this all depends on if this is a permanent content update, which tends to be smaller, or a full event update. I personally can see reasons for both, as while a storyline could really be built from just Joe, 22, and maybe one other character, there is also a lot of supporting characters that could build out a bigger event.

What characters would you most like to see added from Pixar's Soul to Disney Magic Kingdoms? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.