Discovery Bay's Spark Roller Coaster: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Discovery Bay Disneyland Concept Art

Discovery Bay was set to include many incredibly detailed and themed attractions, but one of the proposed rides was set to be more lightly themed. That was one of the ride's proposed roller coasters, themed based on an experimental steampunk style electricity production facility.

This coaster was set to add a lightly themed roller coaster to Disneyland that would have snaked around a few electric pylons, and it would have been the least themed roller coaster in Disneyland park at the time.

This would have been located in the back half of the land, and possibly have been intended to be built later on in the plans for the land being added after its initial opening day.

Goofy's Sky School Roller Coaster Track Disney California Adventure

The ride's intensity would have been the lowest of any roller coaster built in a park up until that point, catering more towards children.

When it was canceled for Discovery Bay, the ride's plans would be repurposed for Discoveryland in Disneyland Paris. It was set to be a part of phase two of Euro Disneyland, but it ended up getting canceled when the resort flopped early on financially.

Disneyland would later get a lightly themed roller coaster in the form of Gadget's Go Coaster, but this ride would never get built in any Disney Park worldwide, nor would it really inspire anything that actually got built.

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