Secret Identity Frozen Coca Cola Review Disney's Hollywood Studios

Secret Identity Slushy Incredibles Disney's Hollywood Studios

The new Incredibles section of Disney's Hollywood Studios brought with it some fun entertainment, a permanent meet and greet home for Pixar's favorite superhero family and fashion designer, but it also brought a few great treats to the park.

A great one of these was the Secret Identity treat. This was a frozen Coca Cola slushie topped with whipped cream and pink cotton candy.

It at first glance appears to just be a traditional Coca Cola slushie you could find at any machine around the world, but this being Disney they find a way to add in a secret surprise that helps it earn its secret identity name.

Hidden inside the slushie is pop rocks that compliment the flavor and give it a special Disney kick at the park.

Mr. Incredible Character Disney's Hollywood Studios

This may have disappeared from the park along with the rest of the Municiberg section of Disney's Hollywood Studios, but hopefully, it is able to return to the park either here or in a newly relocated spot soon.

This was a great thing to eat while exploring the section or the neighboring Toy Story Land that was both familiar and unique, incorporating elements that can be found across the US but still adding a Disney twist.